Teacher Talked About “Queer” Subjects With Children, Gets Punished

(NewsGlobal.com)- After the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a video from a Utah charter school teacher boasting of her “queer” talks with fourth graders, the teacher was placed on leave.

In her original TikTok video, fourth-grade teacher Jenna Hall bragged about how much influence she has over her former students at Renaissance Academy in Lehi, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.

Hall boasted in the video that a lot of the fifth-grade students whom she taught the previous year were “queer because I am queer.” She then shared some of the things these young children were talking about and expressed excitement that, because of her, those former students were “figuring out who they are.”

She explained that when she was in fifth grade, she could never imagine saying the things her former students are saying, adding that she grew up religious. So hearing them openly talk about being “queer” makes her “like ‘Yay!’”

Thanks to Libs of TikTok sending Hall’s video to a much broader audience, officials from Renaissance Academy must have gotten an earful about their resident groomer. Shortly after the post went viral, the academy placed Hall on leave for “several inappropriate conversations with former students.”

The academy’s executive director, Mark Ursic, said in a statement that the school expects teachers “to comport themselves with the highest degree of professionalism.” Ursic said unprofessional behavior that violates “state code” and the trust of parents “will not be tolerated.”

This is precisely why the corporate news media wants to destroy Libs of TikTok.

The idiot teachers who make videos admitting that they are indoctrinating children into “queer” and “trans” ideology are bad enough. But Libs of TikTok exposes their insanity to a broader audience who wouldn’t otherwise see it.

In poll after poll, the vast majority of Americans have voiced their support for Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law that bars teachers from exposing their young students to this kind of indoctrination.

Being exposed to videos like Jenna Hall’s is only going to make that majority even larger.