Ted Cruz Storms Off After Reporter Blames “American Exceptionalism” For Mass Shootings

(NewsGlobal.com)- Senator Ted Cruz of Texas lost his cool with a British journalist who kept bugging him, asking why America is the worldwide epicenter of mass shootings. The reporter then derisively asked if the shootings were part of “American exceptionalism.”

When Sky News reporter Mark Stone approached Cruz after he ended a news conference, he asked if now was the time to change gun laws.

Cruz responded by saying that it’s easy to go into politics about it. Cruz said he understands that’s where the media want to go.

Stone interjected, saying but it isn’t. It’s where many of the folk he’s spoken to enjoy going.

Cruz responded quickly to avoid being cut off, saying that the “suggestions from Democrats and the media invariably, when some violent lunatic murders people….”

He was then interrupted.

“A violent maniac can obtain a firearm so quickly,” Stone snapped.

“An Eighteen-year-old with two AR-15s,” Stone said.

In response to the original question, Cruz said again that If you want to stop violent crime, none of the Democratic policies would have.

The reporter fired a litany of questions, asking, wrongly, why these shootings happen exclusively in America?

Stone said that’s what many people worldwide simply can’t grasp. Why only in America do these shootings happen?

Then Stone crossed the line, asking, “Why is this American exceptionalism so awful?”

Cruz said, “You know, I’m sad you believe American exceptionalism is bad.”

“It’s this aspect of it,” the reporter remarked, walking back his commentary a bit.

Cruz said that the British reporter had a political agenda in mind. He said God bless you and began to walk away.

Stone said he simply wanted to understand why Cruz did not believe that firearms were the problem. He said that it’s purely an American issue.

Another reporter then cried, “Mr. Cruz, why is America the only country that experiences this sort of mass shooting?”

Stone piled on, shouting, “You can’t answer that!”

Cruz, visibly irritated, turned to Stone and asked, “Why do people go from all over the world to come to America?

Cruz answered his own question, “Because it is the freest, wealthiest, and safest country on the planet. And quit being a propagandist,” Cruz concluded.

If guns exist in other countries, but this is the only country with mass school shootings, it doesn’t require a high IQ to figure out that it’s not a gun problem. It’s a mental problem.