Teenager Shot And Killed After Gunning Down Police Dog

Authorities in Georgia say they shot and killed a teenager when he killed a police dog after a search that lasted eight hours.

After the Jonesboro Police Department was summoned to investigate “suspicious behavior” at a motel, where Ford and two other males were allegedly discovered with marijuana and a stockpile of firearms, Stephon Ford, 17, was shot and killed Saturday.

Officials informed a news conference that Ford escaped into the woods after the other guys were detained without incident, prompting an eight-hour search.

The neighboring Clayton Police Department sent the German shepherd K-9 officer Waro to aid in the search for the missing adolescent. Although Waro located the hidden criminal, Ford refused to surrender and opened fire on the cops, striking the K-9 in the back.

At the local animal hospital, the 2-year-old dog tragically passed away from his wounds. During the exchange of gunfire, no additional police officers were hurt.

Ford was located hours after a door-to-door SWAT team search had begun looking for him. Ford was shot and killed by police at 2 a.m. on Saturday after repeatedly refusing to display his hands. Looking into the shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has said that “Ford had a firearm in his hand at the time he was shot.”

According to the agency, “when the weapon was examined, it seemed that it had malfunctioned while being shot.” What caused the pistol to misfire is unknown.

In addition to the investigation being conducted by the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office, the Jonesboro Police Department is also conducting its investigation into the incident.

Waro, a Slovak native, began working for the county police force in March of that year.
Sadly, he could not wear the bulletproof and knife-resistant vest that had been purchased for him thanks to a kind contribution from Vested Interest of K-9s, Inc.
K-9 Waro “is being honored for his gallantry and selflessness as he devoted his life defending others,” his agency stated. Many people cared deeply about him, and he will be much missed.

In addition, the Georgia Police K-9 Foundation shared the news that “Waro was shot and died in the line of duty while attempting to capture a criminal.