Texas Cops Probide Two Double Homicides Within Hours of Each Other

In the state of Texas, Las Cruces Law Enforcement officials claimed that two double homicides occurred within hours of each other on Sunday, June 23rd in the early morning period of time. These occurrences were less than 11 hours a part. The Las Cruces police department serves the El Paso area. The first reported double homicide occurrence is believed to have taken place half an hour past midnight early on Sunday, at an intersection known as the Avenida del Sol and Cortez Drive. This is located near the city’s East Mesa area. Allegedly, two young people, a male aged 26 and a female aged 23 were shot and killed while inside an automobile. The man was deceased on the scene of the occurrence, while the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. Horrifyingly, a 15 year old girl who had been seated in the rear of the vehicle was present and witnessed all of this happen; thankfully she only received some unfatal minor injuries. 

In a second occurrence at 11 a.m. on the same calendar day, police were called to a residential building on Wofford Drive and two male individuals were found dead. The two double homicides are not thought to be related to one another. In the second occurrence, law enforcement officials believe that a 45 year old male murdered his 51 year old brother and his 88 year old father in a truly sickening story. The man is in police custody as the facts are attempted to be ascertained. Privacy has been kept thus far and the names of those who perished are not yet disclosed to the media. 

Sadly, El Paso was not the only city in Texas that experienced a double homicide. In Dallas, just a few days earlier, two men were killed on June 21st. A suspect was arguing with two men in their mid-30s when he allegedly killed them. A 16-year-old male is wanted.