The Five Takes Glee in Democrats Not Appearing with Biden: ‘Entirely Ghosting the President’

( Mediaite seemed pretty upset about Fox News gloating about the Democrats’ dislike for President Joe Biden this week, with writer Michael Luciano complaining about The Five taking “glee” in Democrats not supporting the president.

“Cohosts of The Five appeared to relish in the fact some Democrats have been declining to appear at events with President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings are currently underwater,” the report began.

It comes after President Joe Biden gave a speech in Pittsburgh on Friday to talk about the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It was meant to be attended by Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, both Democrats – but Shapiro didn’t turn up.

You may also remember the speech given by the president in Georgia in January, too, when he touted his party’s failed efforts to pass sweeping new election laws that would federalize elections and make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes.

The speech would have been ideal territory for so-called “voting rights” campaigner Stacey Abrams, who unsuccessfully ran to become the governor of Georgia, but she didn’t turn up to the Atlanta event either. Abrams eventually blamed her absence on a conflict in her schedule.

It’s hard to imagine another event being more important than appearing alongside the president of the United States talking about an issue you are known nationally for.

All signs point to Democrats not wanting to be seen with the president, and all The Five did was…notice it.

During the segment, Jesse Watters also mocked the idea that Biden can “reset” his presidency – with media reports recently suggesting that the president’s flurry of speeches across the country are designed to help him “reset” public opinion about his administration and policies.

“You can’t reset a guy…it’s a human, not a machine,” Watters quipped.

Why is it that Mediaite always acts so outraged about perfectly sensible comments made by conservative-leaning commentators?