The Left’s Dirty Word Is Putting Us At Risk

Recently, a major North American subway system declared itself “a safe and judgment-free space” for the “2LGBTQQIA+ community.”

When did “judgment” become a bad thing?

The notion that judgment is harmful is a crucial pivot point in American culture. In the same way that equity has replaced and abandoned the ideals of equality, “judgment” has replaced “prejudice” as the pinnacle of bigotry, but it also rejects and reverses the core notion of prejudice. 

Prejudice is terrible, so they say, because it leads people to make snap judgments instead of carefully considering their options.

The awakened society the Left is constructing around us is unappealing and antithetical to American values. The belief in the evils of passing judgment is one such. The Left only rejects it when it comes to a result with which they disagree, like when the government of Florida concluded, after careful research, that children should not be subjected to ideological indoctrination before fourth grade.

Yet, the Left is always passing judgment, and they consistently find sensible conservatives guilty and punish them.

There was a time when being “discriminating” was meant as a positive attribute. It told that a person judged other people’s morals and principles against their own and decided whether these qualities were something they would like to associate with.

That has become a bad thing. You must accept everyone, associate with everyone, and celebrate everyone, for no person is better.

That is demonstrably not true, but do not let the Left hear you say that because they will judge and discriminate against you. 

It is a frustrating place that the Left is constructing.

There are judgment-free safe spaces that are for marginalized people only. That would mean the people not welcomed have been pre-judged.

What a world.