The One Beer Company People Boycotted Because It Endorsed Trump

Ten beers dominated 2012 U.S. sales: Bud Light, Modelo Especial, Budweiser,  Michelob UltraNatural Light, Miller Lite, Corona Extra, Coors Light, Busch, and Busch Light.

Molson Coors owns Miller Lite and Coors Light. Constellation Brands own Modelo and Corona, and Anheuser-Busch owns the remaining brands. 

Research shows that five of the top ten best-selling breweries in the United States had LGBTQ+ partnerships, and if parent companies are included, the figure jumps to all ten. 

No conservative ever boycotted any of those other beers. 

The significance of this information becomes more apparent when you come across tweets like one from Pete Buttigieg’s spouse after he was appointed transportation secretary.

He said if a beer company supporting civil rights upsets you, you should bottle your tears. 

The sentiment here is tone-deaf and a complete misfire. The Dylan Mulvaney controversy is not about “civil rights.” There are no civil rights Mulvaney is deprived of.

Bud Light didn’t just virtue signal to the gay and lesbian community by slapping a rainbow on their product.

At a time when the progressive movement is using youngsters as pawns in its fight to legitimize mastectomies and castrations, Bud Light has given credence to the fantasies of transgender social media star Dylan Mulvaney.

The boycott of Bud Light will continue even though corporations around the country are becoming more “ethical.”

The mainstream media’s efforts to remind conservatives that their country’s businesses embrace rainbows every year betray a fundamental misunderstanding of how seriously they take the mission of protecting children from harm.

And speaking of boycotts – After the CEO of Yuengling Beer backed then-candidate Donald Trump for president in 2016, the company’s beer was boycotted. The LGBT community in Philadelphia initiated a boycott of Donald Trump’s campaign after a local congressman, seemingly under the impression that Trump would turn the United States like Saudi Arabia, made a fuss.