There’s A Reason Jeffrey Epstein’s Name Keeps Popping Up

( The “far-left” NPR reported on Jeffrey Epstein last week, taking to task the “far-right” for spreading false claims about Jeffrey Epstein. It usually is curious to see how they run to the defense of the infamous child sex predator or those who were associated with him. But in their latest article on the matter, they weirdly claim that despite the truth of information about Epstein being a predator, right wing sources are using that to peddle false narratives and create conspiracy theories, using the name to discredit their opponents.

NPR first claimed that the “far-right” conservative commentator Jack Posobiec falsely tweeted the claim that U.S. Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the FBI’s raid of Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, represented Epstein’s personnel, his first case dealing with sex trafficking. NPR, in fact, is the one peddling false narratives to seemingly “own the far-right” at the expense of factual reporting.

“The Epstein employees Reinhart represented, by his own admission to the Herald, included Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his ‘Yugoslavian sex slave,’” the New York Post reported.

NPR then invokes conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who used Jeffrey Epstein repeatedly in his recent defamation trial brought on by parents of the Sandy Hook elementary school. According to the “far-left” outlet, “Jones’ courtroom mentions of Epstein blurred the lines between established facts and popular speculation, framing Jones’ lies about the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims as reasonable.”

Clearly, NPR did not watch the trial or hear the numerous apologies issued by Jones since the school shooting, but that is not the point. The purpose of the article is that with some flowery words and “far-left” talking points they are able to feed fodder to the zombie-like readers who crave the confirmation of their preconceived thoughts that the right is bad.