They Were Prepared To Get A Warrant To Investigate Biden

( On January 20, the FBI conducted a “consensual search” of President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home during which the agents found additional classified records from Biden’s time in the Senate and in the Obama administration.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, an Assistant US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, told Fox News that FBI agents searched Biden’s Wilmington home from 9:45 am until 10:30 pm on Friday, January 20.

In a statement the following day, Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer said the DOJ “took possession of materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry” that included six classified documents, some from Biden’s time in the Senate and some from his “tenure as Vice President.”

Additionally, the agents removed “personally handwritten notes” written by then-Vice President Biden “for further review,” Bauer said.

Last week, CNN reported that federal investigators were prepared to get a search warrant if the president and his lawyers had not consented to the search.

In a tweet on January 21, former Assistant US Attorney Andy McCarthy pointed out that Biden consented to the search not because he is being cooperative but because if he hadn’t consented, the “next step” would have been for the special counsel to get a search warrant. McCarthy asserted that the president “wanted to avoid that.”

This week, CBS News reported that in mid-November, the FBI also searched the Penn Biden Center in Washington after Biden’s lawyers discovered classified documents on November 2.

Sources told CBS News that the mid-November search was consensual and no search warrant was sought. Whether the search turned up any additional classified documents is unclear, however.

In a statement on January 14, Bob Bauer said nothing about the FBI’s search of the Penn Biden Center. Instead, he only said that authorities were conducting an “inquiry” into the documents found at the Penn Biden Center, “including taking possession of any documents and reviewing any surrounding material for further review and context.”

In total, between 25 and 30 classified documents have been found since November 2, 2022.

A source familiar with the ongoing investigation told CBS News last week that DOJ officials are considering conducting additional consensual searches “at locations linked to Mr. Biden.”