Tim Allen Accused Of Bad Behavior On Set

The set of the TV reboot “The Santa Clauses” was reportedly not filled with holiday cheer, as one of the show’s co-stars, Casey Wilson, recently spoke out about her negative experience working with Tim Allen. In an episode of her podcast, “B—- Sesh,” Wilson described Allen as “rude” and claimed he made the filming process uncomfortable.

During the podcast episode, Wilson recounted a scene where she was supposed to throw things at Allen, who was playing Santa Claus. However, Allen allegedly approached a producer and complained that Wilson was stepping on his lines. This incident left Wilson feeling embarrassed and uneasy.

Wilson also mentioned that Allen’s behavior had everyone on set “walking on eggshells.” She described the atmosphere as frantic and uncomfortable. Additionally, Wilson shared an incident where Allen dropped his Santa cape on the floor and left the set, leaving others to scramble to pick it up.

This isn’t the first time Tim Allen has played Santa Claus. He first took on the role in the 1994 film “The Santa Clause” and reprised it for two sequels. The TV series “The Santa Clauses” premiered on Disney+ in November 2022, with Allen returning to his iconic role.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Allen expressed how his presence as Santa Claus affected the cast and crew. He described a sense of awe and reverence when he walked onto the set dressed as Santa. According to Allen, even the children were silenced by his appearance.

Interestingly, Allen’s daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, also plays as Scott Calvin’s youngest child in the show. However, Allen emphasized that her casting had little to do with him. He explained that he initially wanted her to play an elf, but her audition impressed the producers so much that they cast her as Santa’s daughter instead.

While Tim Allen’s portrayal of Santa Claus may bring joy to audiences, it seems that his behavior on set has left a different impression on his co-stars. Wilson’s account sheds light on a side of Allen that contrasts with the beloved character he portrays. Despite the controversy, “The Santa Clauses” continues to captivate viewers, showcasing the magic of the holiday season.