Tim Tebow To Testify After Massive Child Trafficking Crackdown

In a testimony about the fight against child exploitation, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow spoke before the Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance of the House Judiciary Committee.

Tebow, who established the Tim Tebow Foundation, stressed the need to safeguard children and combat the spread of sexually explicit child abuse content online.

A measure to establish a rescue squad whose only purpose is to locate and save abused children was his plea to legislators. As Tebow’s moving testimony demonstrated, swift action must be taken to resolve this pressing matter.

Under the leadership of Republican chairman Andy Biggs (AZ.), the committee heard Tebow’s report on the foundation’s activities.

Together with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Tim Tebow Foundation joined forces for Operation Renewed Hope in 2023 for a three-week increase of investigations into child abuse. The organization was able to confirm the rescue of many victims from current abuse and effectively identify over 300 victims. By coordinating with allies throughout the globe, the operation has successfully cracked down on international networks, making it among the most effective of its kind. Tebow spoke highly of the privilege of being a part of “Operation Renewed Hope” and the honor of collaborating with heroic law enforcement officers.

Tebow said people must open their eyes. It’s not simply happening in developing nations. It is happening in America, too.  He said that 50,000 children had been severely assaulted, and nobody could find them.

In light of the tragic news that 85,000 illegal migrant children have gone missing, with suspicions that some may be victims of human trafficking, over twenty Republican attorneys general have pleaded with the Biden administration to take action.

The border problem that President Biden and his administration are causing is unprecedented. Over 85,000 migrant children have entered the US in the last two years. Where they are remains a mystery, according to the AGs’ letter.

According to reports, a significant number of these children have been coerced into working as laborers, subjecting them to harmful working conditions and long hours. Some are victims of sex trafficking.