Tom Cotton Refuses To Criticize Trump’s Praise of Putin’s Strategy

( ABC News offered an unfair and disingenuous analysis of Senator Tom Cotton’s recent comments about former President Donald Trump during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.”

The interview took place on Sunday, and Cotton was asked if he would condemn the former president’s “praise” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was a disingenuous question from the start because Trump didn’t really praise Vladimir Putin in any meaningful way. What Trump did, though, was say that Putin made a “genius move” in establishing a pretext for war, and that President Joe Biden wasn’t handling it well.

ABC twisted those words and attempted to make it look as though the former president was endorsing war – which he wasn’t.

So, when Senator Cotton was asked if he would condemn Trump calling Putin’s actions “genius” and “savvy,” he was pretty blunt about it.

“George, if you want to know what Donald Trump thinks about Vladimir Putin or any other topic, I’d encourage you to invite him on your show,” he said.

Good point, right?

Stephanopoulos presumably knows Trump would railroad him, so he pushed real hard to get Cotton to condemn Trump and confirm his fake narrative – insisting he is a “senior member of the Republican Party” and that he should offer condemnation or comment on it. But Cotton didn’t fall into the trap.

Then, ABC shared the video of the interview and claimed that Cotton “won’t condemn Trump’s praise of Putin.”

Do you see how they establish fake narratives? It’s one big circle. They make a false claim and then they invite Republicans to condemn something that didn’t happen.

This is why they get called fake news.