Top Dem Furious Over ‘Worst’ Thing Trump Ever Said

Former Democratic senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, who is now a member of the Democratic Party, slammed Republicans for their lack of response to what she considers to be one of the worst things Donald Trump has ever said.

In a statement on social media published over the weekend, the former president leveled accusations of treason against General Mark Milley, saying that the departing chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been guilty of a heinous crime.

Trump pointed out that treason was a crime that was once considered so serious that the sentence at the time was death. He accused Milley of treason.

McCaskill was flabbergasted that there was no outcry regarding the possibility that we would execute the nation’s highest-ranking military leader.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, she asked where the chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the United States Senate and the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee were.

She wanted to know how they felt about Trump’s comment.

McCaskill asked where Republican Senator Joni Ernst, who has a military background and served in the armed forces, was. She asked rhetorically where the Republicans were who say they care about the military but don’t do anything about it.

She said It was incomprehensible to her that he could get away with stating such a thing without receiving severe criticism from every elected Republican official.

McCaskill asked one to imagine how high the bar is for Trump because this is one of the most insensitive things he has ever said, yet his statement received a startlingly insignificant amount of attention.

According to an article published in The Atlantic by Brian Klaas, an associate professor of global politics at University College London, the non-reaction demonstrates exactly how numb the country has grown in response to threats more typical of shattered, autocratic regimes.

Several legal experts highlighted that Trump’s outburst at Milley may have violated court orders that he should refrain from insulting possible witnesses in the proceedings against him.

The post that Trump made appeared to have been motivated by another item in The Atlantic, an in-depth Milley biography. The article explained how the military officer sought to safeguard the nation and the Constitution from Trump’s moral aberration.