Troops Expected To Invade This Week, Rumors Say

( Rumors are circulating in Brazil that the military is a bit restless and may be planning to respond to the country’s 2022 elections unrest.

Huge crowds have gathered to support Bolsonaro.

On social media, Bolsonaro backers blamed “infiltrators” within the protests for the destructive riots in Brasilia.

Provocateurs in Brazil are accused of torching a bus while shouting “Fascist!”

Photos depicted a young man, later identified as Celso Sodré de Souza Cardoso, dressed in traditional Indio garb, wearing a gas mask before police deployed tear gas, which incited a riot.

Dressed as an Indio, he took a bus trip with Rondônia’s indigenous population, and this is captured on video. Dental practitioner Souza Cardoso is said to practice in Mato Grosso do Sul.

In another clip, he appears on the Esplanade of Ministries in Brazil alongside others, checking off his name on what looks like a roll call on a mobile device.

A third clip shows him inciting the riot and setting up roadblocks.

A black-clad man with a mask was captured on camera amid the riot. The identity of the man with Antifa-like characteristics has not been disclosed.

Many people took the arson of a car bearing the Brazilian flag as “proof” that Bolsonaro’s supporters were not responsible for the violence. Conservatives in Brasilia do not typically set vehicles on fire.

RS Noticias quoted Rio councilman Prof. Robert Motta, on Jovem Pan as accusing infiltrators of planning attacks and “using the same tactics as the Black Bloc in Rio de Janeiro.”

Businessman Matheus Gomes posted a video online in which masked men armed with bats, axes, and swords and dressed in Bolsonarista-style Brazilian soccer jerseys are shown provoking a crowd.

As the rioting progressed, more pictures of imposters involved in the violence were uncovered. President Bolsonaro’s adversaries are disguising themselves as his supporters and acting in ways that Bolsonaro supporters would never do.

This is comparable to reports of US left-wing communists visiting the US Capitol on January 6 while disguised as Trump supporters.

As the false flag violence heats up, the military will be called in to “restore order” for the communist leader.

The tactic is as old as dirt.