Trudeau Govt. Pledges $110M for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives 

In the United States and in many other nations across the western world, things are far from peaceable and stable in every aspect of social, political, cultural, and fiscal life. Rampant inflation remains a persistent and major problem for many working class citizens in the union, and reports continue to consistently claim hat over 60% of the people in the country continue to survive on a check to check, week to week, month to month basis. Consumer credit card debt soared to record heights in 2023, and it appears that people are going further into debt or depleting their savings just to keep their lights on. The sad reality is that people no longer enjoy the same standard and quality of life that they once did in the United States just four or five short years ago. The cost of basic necessities like food, other groceries, and energy bills have risen to exorbitant extents. This is truly apparent in terms of fast food. Prices have soared in this regard since the calendar year of 2014. An article by U.S.A. today clearly demonstrates this reality. At the same time, most Americans have experienced stagnant wages; and whatever increases may have come in pay, these often are unable to compete with the rising cost of living.

While Americans are struggling, the country bordering the union immediately to the north is in even more of an economic crisis than the U.S..  There is a significant housing crisis in Canada, and an affordability crisis paired with that as well. A new report showed that 26% of Canadian adults polled in a survey indicated that they were extremely concerned about making enough money to cover basic necessities. 7% also reported having to use public assistance.

While Canadians continue to struggle fiscally, Justin Trudeau, the far-left Prime Minister of Canada, recently announced a new allocation of $110 million for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” in taxpayer funding.