Trump Asks About Pelosi: “How Is She Doing Lately?”

( While holding a rally in Florida ahead of this week’s midterm elections, former President Donald Trump taunted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, vowing that Republicans would bring an end to “Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all.”

The jury’s still out on that. While it appears Republicans will manage to eke out a victory in the House, at this point, it isn’t definitive.

Trump’s taunts of Pelosi were met with the go-to “Lock Her Up” chant from his fans.

Really, guys, come up with a different chant.

Trump made liberal use of his “Crazy Nancy Pelosi” nickname throughout the rally. At one point as he was complaining about the Democrats plotting against him, Trump brought up “Crazy Nancy Pelosi” again, asking “how is she doing lately?”

Naturally, the corporate media latched onto Trump’s “how is she doing lately” question as further “evidence” that Trump and the Republicans put a target on Nancy Pelosi that somehow incited a drug-addled hippie from Berkeley to break into her San Francisco home and attack her husband with a hammer.

DePape’s ex-partner, Oxane Taub, told ABC7 that DePape has been mentally ill “for a long time” and in recent months the 42-year-old DePape started getting into conspiracy theories. She added that when he returned after being missing for a year, DePape was “in very bad shape.”

According to Taub, for about a year, DePape thought he was Jesus. He was also “constantly paranoid,” believing people were out to get him. She told ABC7 that it took a year or two to get him back to being “halfway normal.”

And yet the media expects people to believe that this nut-case attacked Paul Pelosi because Republicans spent the midterm cycle vowing to put an end to Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker?

The accusation is laughable.