Trump Campaign Dumps Cash Reserves On Legal Fires

According to newly released campaign finance documents, former President Trump’s political organization is suffering a financial shortage despite outraising his GOP competitors.

Trump’s joint fundraising committee reported generating about $54 million during the first 6 months of 2023, placing him far in front of the rest of the primary field, according to reports made public ahead of a Monday night reporting deadline.

Reports reveal that Trump’s political groups spent almost $25 million on legal costs over the same time period, effectively draining their coffers.  

Trump’s political operation has around $32 million in cash on hand going into the second half of 2023. This includes his combined fundraising group, and a leadership PAC called Save America.

In its filings, Save America revealed that the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. had returned millions of dollars in donations intended for advertisements supporting Trump’s campaign.

According to the documents, Trump’s efforts to raise money for his reelection campaign have been severely hampered by his continuing legal difficulties and the associated costs.

A report shows the top opposition leader in the nation was slammed with additional charges last week that may land him in jail for the rest of his life.

The allegations were generalized and partisan.  He was charged with fomenting violence and urging others to breach the law. He is being rushed through a government-friendly court system. The country’s media are biased against him, and he has been banned from most online outlets.

But the nation mentioned is Russia, not the US.

You see, Aleksey Navalny, not Donald Trump, led the resistance there.  However, it is now becoming impossible to distinguish the two nations in terms of judicial processes.  

The Biden administration has advanced further than the dictatorship of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Whereas Navalny was sentenced to decades in jail, Trump is now facing “civil rights” accusations that might lead to the death penalty.