Trump Exposes Mitch McConnell’s Shadowy Ties To China

( According to reports, the House obtained an uncharacteristically bipartisan vote to authorize a special investigation panel on China and is moving swiftly to slash government spending.

But former President Donald Trump sees a looming challenge.

In a wide-ranging interview with Just the News on Tuesday, Donald Trump said that Mitch McConnell is the Republican Party’s biggest problem.

The former President said that McConnell has a history of massive spending.  A pact with Democrats for a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending measure at the end of the year and his familial links to China will undermine the straightforward narrative that the House Republicans have planned for 2023.

In the interview, Trump remarked that it was shocking that McConnell approved that $1.7 trillion because had he waited ten days, the House would have either killed or substantially improved it.  He authorized it, and it’s a huge problem for the GOP, as he does everything the Democrats want.

The fact that this man is the leader of the Senate is an embarrassment for Republicans.

Trump continued by stating that the campaign funds he controls are the source of McConnell’s support among his clique of Senate Republicans.

Trump explained that McConnell has 10 or 12 people he keeps near, and they simply follow his example because he provides them with a lot of campaign contributions.   His leadership capacity consists solely of his ability to raise funds, which he subsequently donates to his cause.

Trump claimed that Elaine Chao, the wife of Mitch McConnell and former Transportation Secretary under Donald Trump, is married to China, which is a conflict.

Mitch McConnell stated a month ago that providing Financial Support for Ukraine was the top priority of the United States and Republicans. Not the border problem and the illegal entry of millions of individuals into the United States. Not the economic collapse or enormous inflation that decimated the working class. And not the soaring prices of fuel, energy, oil, and gasoline that directly result from catastrophic energy policy.

Mitch McConnell is a self-serving elitist.