Trump Gloats About Tim Scott’s Betrayal of Haley

In a recent speech following his victory in the New Hampshire GOP primary, former President Donald Trump made a controversial suggestion about Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Trump implied that Scott harbored ill feelings toward Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley because he did not endorse her despite both being from the same state.

Addressing the crowd, Trump said, “Did you ever think she appointed you, Tim? And you’re the senator of her state. You must hate her.” This remark was about Scott suspending his presidential campaign in November and subsequently endorsing Trump over the weekend. Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, is also vying for the Republican nomination.

Interestingly, Senator Scott was standing behind Trump as he made this statement. Scott approached the microphone in response and said, “I just love you.” This support display was seemingly intended to diffuse any tensions or misunderstandings arising from Trump’s comment.

However, the Haley campaign wasted no time in firing back. In a statement, campaign director Nachama Soloveichik highlighted that “Donald Trump barely received half of the vote” in Iowa and New Hampshire. This response suggested that Haley’s campaign did not view Trump’s endorsement as a significant boost to his candidacy.

Before the primary results, Haley had announced that she would not drop out of the race even if she lost in New Hampshire. Trump’s victory in the first-in-the-nation primary, securing approximately 54.5 percent of the vote, was undoubtedly a significant win for him. On the other hand, Haley garnered a respectable 43.2 percent of support, indicating a solid backing base for her campaign.

Looking ahead, the following primary on the calendar is in Haley’s home state of South Carolina, scheduled for February 24th. This contest will undoubtedly be crucial for both Haley and Trump as they vie for the support of their shared constituency. As the race continues, it remains to be seen how the dynamics between these two candidates from the same state will unfold.