Trump Laughed At Mike Pence’s Most Important Rule

( In his new book, Mike Pence reveals that he had been self-conscious heading into the White House after the 2017 Washington Post article that revealed his personal rule never to dine alone with a woman who is not his wife.

Pence writes in “So Help Me God” that he didn’t want to “create controversy for the administration” and wasn’t sure how then-President Trump would react to the story. However, he was surprised to discover that Trump thought it was funny.

According to Pence, a laughing Trump told everyone in the morning intelligence briefing that he couldn’t believe that after all the things they attacked him on, the press was attacking Pence for being faithful to his wife.

Pence initially disclosed his personal rule in an interview with The Hill back in 2002 after he was first elected to Congress. But it didn’t become a national story until the Washington Post ran a profile on his wife Karen in which Pence’s dining rule was revealed.

In his book, Pence again defended his rule, which he credited to evangelist Billy Graham, saying that he wanted to “be careful not to send the wrong message or be in the wrong situation.

Pence writes that the “Pence Rule” as it was later called, “was about protecting everyone on our team and encouraging them to put themselves and their families first.”

In his book, Pence said he later felt vindicated by sticking to the so-called “Pence Rule,” after a July 2017 poll found that most women thought it was inappropriate for a man to dine alone with a woman who is not his wife.

He also notes that around the time the media was focusing on his rule, the #MeToo movement had taken off. As press reports about women in Hollywood accusing executives and media figures of sexual harassment, Pence writes that Trump would often remark that his vice president was “way ahead of his time.”