Trump Reacts To ‘Traumatic’ Response Of CNN Town Hall

Former (and potentially future) President Donald Trump was a little surprised by how he “traumatized” CNN’s employees during his town hall event on the evening of Wednesday, May 11th. A visibly irate Kaitlin Collins jabbed at Trump during the event which he either played off easily, countered with evidence he pulled from his jacket or riposted by calling her a “nasty person.” 

He told The Messenger that he “was surprised by the level of hostility,” he received on stage. Elaborating, Trump thought that there would be more neutrality from the network or even some positivity considering how badly they need viewers. He also remarked that their views were incredibly high, one of their best in years. 

Trump said he was willing to do the CNN appearance because he’s appearing on “a lot of different media” in advance of the 2024 presidential primary contest. He also remarked that CNN was eager to have him on. 

Trump also said that Republicans need to work on their pro-life messaging, highlighting that he himself is in favor of the major exceptions, which are cases where the mother’s life is at-risk, or if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. He also reminded readers that the Democrats are so radical with abortion that they would allow a baby to be killed shortly before or right after it was born, which is completely unacceptable. 

Commenting on the Roe v Wade ruling last year, Trump said that it gave conservatives a seat at the table to really negotiate. He believes the 6-week limit that was signed by DeSantis might be “too harsh,” at least according to some pro-lifers. A 6-week limit is preferred by some as the baby’s heartbeat can generally be detected between 6-8 weeks of gestation. 

The post-event panel featuring Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper was upset that Trump dared to imply the 2020 contest wasn’t the fairest election in all of history, with several other CNN employees complaining that they were embarrassed by the event. CEO Chris Licht avoided commenting on the content and instead gave a few examples of things he would have done differently when asked by CNBC.