Trump Rejects Nikki Haley Poll Gains As ‘Fake’

The Christmas holiday of the year 2023 is today, and all across the western world, the United States, and any Christian majority nation at large, annual festivities are likely being observed. For centuries, the twenty fifth of December has long been observed as the date of the birth of Jesus Christ and has played a prominent role in the Christian religion. In the modern United States, over the last fifty or so years, widespread changes have occurred in terms of the cultural, faith based and demographic composition of society as a whole. Since nineteen sixty five and the passing of the Hart Cellar Act, mass migration from non western nations has been permitted at large into the United States. The result has been a serious heterogenization of national culture and the makeup of individual communities and an overall feeling of a lack of cohesion in society at large has been widespread.

As the makeup of the average American community has altered significantly, the nature and meaning of the annual Christmas holiday has shifted with it. The influence of Christianity at large has been heavily eroded in the country, with more and more people claiming they do not subscribe to the Christian religion. With this, the percentage of people that identify as being part of a traditional nuclear family (husband and wife, two parents) has diminished.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that these declines fueled the former president Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. People are without a doubt fed up with the system, and many seek an outsider who cannot be bought or controlled. Despite four criminal indictments and a serious attempt to destroy due process rights in America by removing Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot, Trump remains the clear frontrunner in the GOP primary. While a recent poll has shown Nikki Haley garnering some momentum, Trump has dismissed these numbers as “fake”.