Trump Releases Photo Of Himself As Speaker

( Last Thursday, after Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz cast his vote for former President Donald Trump during the House’s seventh attempt to elect a Speaker, Trump took to Truth Social and posted a Photoshopped image of himself seated in the Speaker’s chair behind President Biden while he delivers his State of the Union Address.

But rather than sitting stoically like Kamala Harris beside him, the Photoshopped Trump is sticking out his tongue and holding his hands to his stomach.

Appearing on CNN that evening, former Virginia Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman said that Trump “wants to win the meme wars” after Bash described the former president as a “loser.”

Host Jake Tapper said Trump posting a meme showing him with his tongue out “is not helpful,” prompting Riggleman to add that this would not be the way he would work to get McCarthy elected Speaker.

He said Trump posting the meme is just Trump “trying to stay in the public spotlight right now.”

Bash said she doesn’t see how the former president could possibly spin a McCarthy loss as a win. She said Trump has lost his influence, noting that the former president endorsed Kevin McCarthy and is “making calls” trying to whip support. She claimed that McCarthy’s failure to get a majority of votes for Speaker is “proof” Trump is “a loser again.”

Since Kevin McCarthy is now the Speaker of the House, Dana’s words didn’t age particularly well.

Riggleman pointed out that Trump is currently lagging behind Joe Biden in some 2024 polls while other polls show Trump tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nomination. He said no matter how 2024 shapes up, Trump “wants to win the meme wars.” He claimed that part of the Trump team’s disinformation on social media is to “make him look like a winner through memes.”

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