Trump Says He Was Very Instrumental In Getting Ron DeSantis Elected

( In Florida’s race for governor in 2018, Republican Ron DeSantis won by a razor-thin margin. Former President Donald Trump claimed that he was responsible for DeSantis’ victory.

DeSantis won the race against the Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum by a narrow margin of 33,063 votes. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, the governor’s profile has increased significantly among conservatives nationally.

Many Republicans are rooting for the 43-year-old candidate to make a run for the presidency. According to the results of specific surveys, DeSantis could defeat Trump in a race for the White House.

Trump has not yet stated whether or not he plans to run for president again, but there is widespread conjecture that he and DeSantis could face off against each other in the primary election for the 2024 election.

On Monday, Trump sat down with Eric Bolling of Newsmax TV to have a wide-ranging conversation about various issues, including the presidential election of 2024. The host said he wouldn’t even question Trump about running because he knows he will. Bolling asked what would make Donald Trump say, ‘I don’t want it. I did my time. I’m done with it”?

Trump said he could not provide a reason why he should not run for president.

Trump said it is necessary to make our country great again because it was going to hell and very quickly under the current administration. Nobody could have imagined that things could get this bad in such a short amount of time.

Trump said he loves our country and will do what’s right for it.

Before asking about Trump’s opinions on the DeSantis campaign, Bolling mentioned that Trump played an essential role in DeSantis’ success in 2018. He asked his thoughts on a DeSantis run for the presidency.

Trump said he didn’t know if DeSantis was thinking of running. He said that he has a good relationship with Ron. His desire to run for the presidency at this time is something “I have not seen.”

He then reiterated that he was instrumental in helping DeSantis win his bid for the Florida Governorship.