Trump Says Politicized Probes Are “Worse Than Ballot Stuffing” 

( Trump, the former president, has spoken out against what he calls relentless investigative probes against him and his followers. He compares it to voter fraud, as egregious as ballot stuffing. 

At his first rally of the 2024 campaign season on Saturday night in Waco, Texas, and afterward, in a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump attacked the neverending investigations he has endured for the last seven years. 

He wrote on the social network Truth Social that criminal investigations of candidates by the Department of Justice and its local henchman at the Attorney General’s office are the new weapon being utilized by Democrats to cheat on elections. He said it doesn’t matter to these radical left maniacs that they ruin people’s lives and tear apart their loved ones. 

During a raucous rally in Waco, Texas, Trump painted the next presidential election as a fight against “sinister forces” trying to bring America down and promised to bring about a “quantum leap” in Americans’ living level if he were elected again. 

Overlaying his recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance with a performance of the National Anthem recorded by the J6 defendants in jail, Trump addressed thousands of roaring supporters, “For seven years, you and I have been taking on the corrupt, rotten, and nefarious forces seeking to destroy America.” 

He said “stopping the forces ripping down America” was insufficient. The goal will be a dramatic improvement in people’s living conditions here in the United States, and it’s to Make America Great Again. 

Trump used the speech to criticize President Joe Biden’s foreign policy and economic policies and to outline the measures he would take if reelected to protect parental rights, reduce dependence on China in the supply chain, and revive an economy where inflation, interest rate hikes, and bank failures have weakened. 

He also pledged to work on domestic remedies, such as allowing parents to decide whether to vaccinate their children or require them to wear masks at school. He will not provide money if a school requires students to get vaccines or wear masks. 

He campaigned to promote a manufacturing renaissance in the United States to end the country’s dependence on foreign energy supplies and Chinese factories. 

Trump mocked the Democratic prosecutors investigating him both during and before the event, implying that their motivations were purely political rather than legal.