Trump Vows To Break Up Department Of Education 

( On Monday, as his 2024 presidential campaign began, former President Donald Trump delivered his education agenda in Davenport, Iowa. Trump received enthusiastic applause when he said in his address that his administration had investigated the feasibility of dismantling the Department of Education and handing its responsibilities to the states. 

He received thunderous applause when he said that breaking up the federal Department of Education and giving its duties to the states was initially intended to be a long-term objective but has become urgent. 

On his first trip to Iowa since declaring a 2024 presidential run, Trump detailed his education platform, including implementing universal school choice, altering curricula, and having school principals elected by their peers. 

Other Republicans, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, widely seen as a potential challenger to Trump in 2020, have used the ongoing “culture wars” in schools as a wedge issue to win over new supporters. 

Before moving to education, Trump talked about a range of subjects and said he would remove federal funds for any school teaching critical race theory, transgender craziness, or any other unacceptable racial, sexual, or political stuff. 

He called the current approach to teach U.S. history “liberal brainwashing.” 

Trump also addressed the issue of transgender people in school sports, saying he can’t understand how some people feel it’s okay to let males compete with girls because of how they think about their gender identity. 

In addition, he praised Iowa’s leaders for establishing a school voucher program that would ultimately be accessible to all students in the state since this is in line with his executive order permitting federally financed private school choice. 

He said he’d restore parental rights in our schools, and the crowd went wild. When he declared, “As president, I’ll fight to extend that right to every single state in America,” the audience on Monday responded with shouts, whistles, and claps.