Trump’s Aide Is Telling Him To Wait On 2024 Announcement

( One of former President Donald Trump’s top aides believes that he should wait for a little while longer to announce his candidacy for president in 2024.

In a recent op-ed he wrote for the WND, Corey Lewandowski wrote that there’s no doubt that Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. Yet, he believes Trump should hold off on announcing his candidacy for a few more months, so as to not take attention away from other important political races.

As he wrote:

“I think President Trump should wait to announce any potential campaign until after the mid-terms because he will become the central focus in these seats. The media will be asking every candidate if they support everything President Trump says or has ever done.

“These candidates should be talking about themselves.”

While there’s no doubt that Trump’s influence has been seen in primaries leading up to the midterm elections thus far, Lewandowski makes a good point. The candidates can take some cues from Trump, and even make references to him and his agenda when they’re campaigning, but the majority of the focus should be on what they would do for their constituents if elected.

Trump can try to convince voters to switch from Democrat to Republican — or to support the Republican he’s backing — but ultimately, the candidates themselves are the ones who are going to have to win over the voters.

If Trump were to announce his presidential candidacy before the midterms, as Lewandowski points out, it’s likely the media will create a firestorm and press the candidates on the former president, rather than the actual issues of their election.

As Lewandowski writes:

“We all know the media doesn’t hold Democrats to the same standards. They don’t ask Democrat candidates running for office if they support Joe Biden’s failing policies for America … But, hey those are the cards we are dealt

“Let’s keep the mid-term elections focused on electing America First candidates. Those that want to come to Washington, D.C., and hold Biden and his out-of-control administration accountable.

“Let’s give them an opportunity to tell the voters of their districts what they believe in and stand for. We all know that Trump is the most popular Republican in the country and has the ability to make or break a candidate with his endorsement.

“With most (but not all) of the primaries over, it’s time to let these GOP nominees stand on their own and articulate why they will be good stewards of our taxpayer money.”

That last point is poignant. Trump’s influence was key in the GOP primaries, where he was keenly focused on getting specific Republican candidates nominated. Now that most are through to face Democrats, the former president doesn’t need to be so heavily involved.

It’s all but a foregone conclusion that Trump is going to announce his candidacy for president for 2024, but Lewandowski — and many others — believe he should continue to hold off on making that public, at least for now.