Trump’s Lawyer Reveals That “Top Secret” Folders Were Used As A Lamp Shade

( Last weekend, a lawyer for former President Trump confirmed to CNN that the search for classified materials at Trump’s properties has been completed.

Timothy Parlatore, who represents the former president in the special counsel investigation into the classified documents, told CNN that the properties were fully searched and anything discovered was turned over “immediately.”

Parlatore also confirmed that the Trump team turned over an empty manilla folder after receiving a subpoena for it. The folder, marked “Classified Evening Summary,” was found in Trump’s bedroom where, according to Parlatore, the former president used it to block the blue light from his bedside phone because the glowing light kept him awake.

Last month, Trump admitted on Truth Social that he held onto empty classified folders because he thought they made a cool memento of his time in the White House.

When asked why classified records are still being found in Trump’s possession two years after he left office, Parlatore told CNN that fault lies with “an institutional procedural failure” and not with Trump, Mike Pence, or President Biden, all of whom were found to have kept classified documents.

Parlatore suggested that, instead of appointing a special counsel, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence should review the White House’s current procedures on how classified records are handled at the end of each administration.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that the FBI had previously conducted two searches of Biden’s records stored at the University of Delaware in recent weeks.

The FBI searched two locations at the University of Delaware on two separate days and retrieved materials that are now being reviewed by the FBI. However, the source told CNN that the materials retrieved do not appear to have classified markings.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the previously undisclosed searches were conducted with the cooperation and consent of the president’s lawyers.