Truth Social Slaps Warning On Stew Peter’s Post

( A far-right podcaster is once again accusing Truth Social of censorship after one of his posts was labeled with a “sensitive content” warning.

Stew Peters, a right-wing podcaster who has pushed conspiracy theories about COVID for more than a year, posted a link to a post that claimed public health officials have suffered adverse effects from the COVID vaccine campaign.

The post received a “sensitive content” label that Truth Social users had to acknowledge before being able to view the linked article.

In a post on the far-right Gab social media platform, Peters accused Truth Social of having “more censorship than Elon Musk’s Twitter.”

This wasn’t the first time Peters has accused Truth Social of “censorship.”

In February, a post by Peters was also slapped with a “sensitive content” warning.

In the post in question, Peters had called for the execution of the government officials he accused of being responsible “for allowing our kids to be killed” by COVID vaccines.

That time, Peters took to Telegram to accuse Truth Social of suppressing his freedom of speech by making users take an extra step to see the content of his post.

In his Telegram post, Peters included a screen capture of his call for executions adding, “Free speech isn’t free.”

Others have also accused Truth Social of hypocrisy over its censorship of content.

Earlier this year, a Truth Social user was barred from creating an account on the platform entirely. The man behind the infamous @DevinNunesCow account on Twitter attempted to create an identical account at Truth Social but was banned from the platform.

The Twitter account @DevinNunesCow was created by web developer Matt Ortega to mock former Congressman Devin Nunes. In 2019, Nunes, who now is CEO of Truth Social, sued Ortega for defamation.

Ortega quickly made hay over @DevinNunesCow being banned. He posted the news on Twitter, boasting that he might be the first “canceled” Truth Social user.

According to Truth Social, Ortega’s account was permanently deleted because the account name violated its social community guidelines.