Truth Social Won’t Have Exclusive Rights To Trump’s Political Posts

( According to an SEC filing submitted on Monday, former President Donald Trump has an unorthodox exclusive agreement with his social media company TRUTH Social that leaves him room to jump to other platforms, taking his content with him.

The Security and Exchanges Commission filing for Trump Media & Technology Group and TRUTH Social by Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), includes details about Trump’s deal with TRUTH Social that has some suspecting the former president has plans to dump TRUTH Social to return to Twitter should his permanent ban be lifted.

In the agreement, Trump’s posts at TRUTH only remain the platform’s exclusive content for six hours. It also outlines that Trump is only “generally” required to post at TRUTH first before posting elsewhere. The former president is also free to post to any other personal accounts for “which he has access” provided the posts are political messaging, fundraising, or encouraging people to vote.

If Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter goes through, he has said Trump would be allowed to return to the platform. Trump’s agreement with TRUTH Social gives Trump room to return with the only stipulation being that Trump must first post on TRUTH and wait six hours before posting the same content on Twitter if the content isn’t political in nature.

But given that most of Trump’s posts are political in nature, that is a huge exception.

The agreement between Trump and TRUTH Social also reveals the platform’s financial dependence on the former President. In the filing, DWAC acknowledged that Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of TRUTH Social, is “highly dependent on the popularity and presence of President Trump.” In short, without some exclusivity to Trump, TRUTH Social wouldn’t survive and the company knows it.

According to the filing, Trump’s deal with Trump Media & Technology Group prevents the former president from being fired from the company even “when it may be desirable to TMTG.”

In short, there are no valid grounds on which TMTG could void its contract with Donald Trump, no matter the “personal or political conduct.” He could break the law, tank the company, or incite an actual insurrection, and still, Trump Media & Technology Group couldn’t terminate his contract.