Tucker Carlson Airs Inappropriate Photo of Nancy Pelosi So Everyone Can See It

(NewsGlobal.com)- Fox News host Tucker Carlson used the final moments of his show to make fun of Nancy Pelosi after pictures of her visiting a beach in Italy went viral.
In the pictures of Pelosi and her husband Paul, who was recently arrested for DUI in California, the Speaker of the House is seen as she’s never been seen before. She was barefoot and flashing plenty of cleavage while enjoying the fresh air at the opulent Alpemare Beach Club, a chic retreat in Forte dei Marmi owned by renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli.
The Fox News anchor showed a picture of Nancy Pelosi in a swimsuit on-screen and suggested Nancy Pelosi was so outraged about the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and Putin’s campaign of aggression in Ukraine that she departed America for this recent Fourth of July weekend.

Carlson said he would end the night’s show by burning a picture of that event into our retinas.
After Carlson said goodnight to his audience, there were a few seconds of dead air. Carlson and Jason Chaffetz, a guest host on Hannity, appeared on the screen.
The video showed a surprised Carlson realizing Chaffetz was guest hosting for Sean Hannity.
Chaffetz asked Tucker what he was doing and why he put up the photo of Pelosi. He joked that viewers might have shut off their televisions.
Carlson laughed and said he didn’t mean to do that.
Chaffetz joked that if he ever has a show airing before Carlson’s, he will return the favor.
Carlson said that was totally fair and wished him “good luck tonight, Jason.”

Chaffetz thanked him and said, “ I owe you one.”

Carlson has previously made fun of Pelosi’s appearance. Before turning to a tape of Pelosi on the show in January, he duped viewers by saying the late Michael Jackson had appeared on Face the Nation.

Carlson’s and Chaffetz’s mocking of Nancy Pelosi was well-deserved. The woman, oh excuse me, the ‘birthing person’ looked like a walking fun-house mirror.