Tucker Carlson Calls Costar On Fox A “Secret Flak” For The Biden Administration

(NewsGlobal.com)- Last Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his show with retired Colonel Doug Macgregor to discuss the invasion of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s endgame. And in the lead-in to his discussion with Macgregor, some believe Tucker seemed to offer a backhanded dig at his Fox News colleague, national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

Griffin had appeared on Fox News several days earlier where she questioned Col. Macgregor’s suggestion that ultimately NATO and the US may need to cede eastern Ukraine to Russia. Griffin had said Macgregor sounded like “an apologist for Putin.”

And in his introduction of Macgregor, Tucker warned his viewers that the government, Big Tech, intel agencies, and the media are trying to manipulate the American people, and to do so, there is an “unprecedented amount of lying” going on.

Tucker added that Col. Macgregor isn’t like the “TV generals you see all day long.” He isn’t trying to get on the board of Raytheon and unlike many of the reporters on TV, “he is not acting secretly as a flack for Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon.”

The website Mediaite wondered if this remark from Tucker was a dig at Jennifer Griffin.

Maybe it is; maybe it isn’t.

There are a lot of television reporters who serve as vehicles to transmit US intel and US national security talking points. They were the same reporters who unquestionably reported that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation.” They were the same reporters who unquestionably laundered Russian collusion lies from the intel community and the FBI during the Trump years.

And now those same reporters are unquestioningly regurgitating the establishment narrative about Russia and Ukraine.

Watch Tucker’s interview with Col. Macgregor HERE.