Tucker Carlson Dominates Television Ratings, Clobbers Competition

(NewsGlobal.com)- Tucker Carlson Tonight garnered a much larger number of young viewers than any other cable news program on Monday night, making it the clear victor in the all-important 25-to-54-year-old age category.
Carlson came in first place with 501,000 demo viewers, while The Five came in second place with 397,000 demo viewers.
Rachel Maddow Tonight received 212,000 viewers and was the highest-rated program in its demographic on MSNBC. Don Lemon Tonight at 10 p.m., which airs on CNN, was the network’s most-watched show in the demo, with 136,000 viewers.
Total viewers:
CNN: 515,000
Fox News: 1.75 million
MSNBC: 946,000
25-54 Demo:
CNN: 97,000
Fox News: 232,000
MSNBC: 97,000
The following are the prime time averages for both total viewers and the demo (those aged 25-54) for shows that air between 8 and 11 p.m.
Total viewers:
CNN: 660,000
Fox News: 2.65 million
MSNBC: 1.71 million
25-54 Demo:
CNN: 131,000
Fox News: 395,000
MSNBC: 163,000

Despite consistently drawing more than 3 million people to his primetime show on Fox News, anchor Tucker Carlson claimed on Thursday that he was not aware of his record-breaking numbers.

Carlson claims that he doesn’t know how to interpret a rating chart. He said to ask anyone who has collaborated with or works with him. He doesn’t ever check the ratings.

He said he doesn’t know his ratings, and he means it. He says he doesn’t even own a television.

Carlson regularly shatters the record for US history’s most-watched cable news show.

The left loathes Carlson, often depicting him as a white supremacist.

Carlson says that there are undoubtedly many things you might criticize about him, including the fact that he occasionally has a bad temper. But you wouldn’t find a single instance in his messages, private talks, or thoughts where he says, “I’m upset with Black people.”

He said, “Well-educated white liberals are the only people I’m angry at. “I think a 38-year-old white female lawyer with a barren personal life is the epitome of a person I don’t like. I get yelled at on airplanes by that person.”