Tucker Carlson Might Have A Chance To Become A President For Real

(NewsGlobal.com)- Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke at the Family Leadership Summit held in Des Moines, Iowa, the first state to have a say in nominating a President. More than 1,800 Christian conservatives attended.

A far-left media outlet claimed that Tucker Carlson’s visit to Iowa on Friday did not include a presidential campaign, even though it sounded like one. Carlson, 53, had been suggested as a possible Trump successor who would run for president by fanning the same populist fires.

The Left is desperate for someone to run against Donald Trump in 2024, even if they must make up candidates. The outlet was convinced Carlson was going to run because of his outfit… Or something.
The media outlet described Carlson’s outfit as a dark blue jacket, a blue checkered shirt, a blue and yellow striped tie, and grey pants. The outlet claimed his speech checked several of the usual boxes for a potential contender. They also noted Carlson’s anecdotes, his complimenting of the event, and the verbal slapping of Democrats.
Carlson told the crowd that he is not a Putin supporter despite what they may have heard from the left. He explained that Putin is not his president, so he couldn’t care less either way. While he believed his actions in Ukraine are historically significant and undoubtedly significant to Ukrainians, they are not more relevant to him than how much gas costs. The rising price of fuel is not an inconvenience. It’s the whole story. Cheap energy makes the difference between living in the Central African Republic and Des Moines.
Tucker Carlson believes that Republicans ought to pick a candidate focused on the fundamental issues that matter to people, including the wellbeing of their children, and someone unconcerned with what the New York Times thinks.

The far-left outlet made many false claims, including about Carlson attacking transgender athletes and women who had abortions. The writer seethed when Carlson told the crowd, “Twitter isn’t real, OK?” Carlson called it the territory of incredibly miserable individuals with sterile personal lives and ominous political goals. More on that at the link above.

Tucker Carlson remarked that we have every right, in fact, it’s our Constitutional duty to tell our representatives to represent us on the topics that are important to us.