TV Guest Says Kamala Harris Will “Racism” Hillary Clinton To Death

( Clay Travis, a popular sports journalist and political commentator, had a lot to say about the prospect of former First Lady Hillary Clinton running for president again in 2024.

Speaking to Fox News this week, Travis predicted that if Clinton does attempt to snag the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2024, she’ll face a torrent of abuse and criticism from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris, who ran for president in 2020 but dropped out of the race because of her terrible polling numbers even before her home state had a chance to vote, was once considered the natural successor for President Joe Biden in 2024…but now it doesn’t seem to be quite so obvious.

Travis argued that if President Joe Biden decides not to run again in 2024, sexism and racism will drive the party’s decision-making in the primaries.

“If Biden doesn’t run, it is sexist and racist by the Democratic Party’s own standards if Kamala Harris isn’t the nominee,” he said.

“So at least if they go with Hillary, they can cross off the sexist part…it’ll still be racist, but she’ll only be half wrong, and half worthy of condemnation.”

Travis was talking to popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, who added that Clinton may still be able to garner some sympathy because of how “oppressed” she has been over the years.

He described Clinton as an “entitled rich lady who’s had everything handed to her.”

Travis responded by saying that she will easily be beaten in the “oppression Olympics” by Kamala Harris.

What do you think? Will Democrat primary voters really support Kamala Harris just because she’s black, or will they recognize that she doesn’t have a chance of winning the 2024 presidential race because of how deeply unpopular she is?

Watch the Fox interview here.