Twitter Appears To Be Shadow Banning Videos Of Italy’s First Female Incoming Prime Minister

( Videos of Giorgia Meloni, the country’s first female prime minister, appeared to be shadowbanned on Twitter.

Several Twitter users reported that their searches for footage of the recently elected conservative leader showed nothing.

Recent congressional candidate Matthew Foldi (R-MD) released a video of himself searching in real-time. The search produced no results when he picked “videos,” but it did produce results under the “top” results page.

However, the videos themselves were still present. The pinned tweet for Meloni is a video; it is displayed at the top of her Twitter feed and is accessible to anybody who visits her profile.

Many users assumed that videos featuring Meloni had been “shadowbanned” due to the discrepancy. The fact that a video search produced no results despite the fact that the videos still being visible on the platform is highly suspicious.

Shadowbans block users or specific content items without notifying the offending user that they have been blocked. While a user who has been shadowbanned can still post and interact with other users’ postings, to others, the individual looks to have stopped using the site.

According to a tweet from Klaus Arminius, Giorgia Meloni’s name will turn up no images or videos- “Twitter shadow banned the democratically elected Italian PM on its site to defend democracy.”

There are no pictures or videos of Giorgia Meloni in the search results.

Alex Phillips, writing on Twitter, said that the right-wing Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni was legitimately elected. Thus Twitter’s shadow ban on her is dystopian gaslighting. The fascist isn’t Meloni. It’d Twitter. Replace the word ” Government” with the word “Social Media.

Not only Twitter came under fire for purportedly limiting content featuring the newly elected prime leader. In a 2019 speech by Meloni at the World Congress of Families, she criticized “woke” ideology and advocated that YouTube briefly take down the family unit under the heading “removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

“After a thorough assessment, we found that this video does not violate our Community Guidelines and have reinstated it,” YouTube said. They do this after they are exposed and shamed into denying their fascism.