Twitter Panics After Elon Musk Says “All Lives Matter”

( In a virtual conference call with Elon Musk and Twitter employees, the employees freaked out when Musk said, “All Lives Matter.” But that was the least of the outrage, sardonic and far-left comments that were found hanging on every word Musk said.

“He literally just all lives mattered,” an employee wrote.

Project Veritas obtained a full recording of the near hour-long remote video chat. What seemed like a cordial conversation in front of the screen, however, was derisive behind the scenes. Leaked messages on an app called Slack, show Twitter employees triggered over a multitude of Musk’s views, including free speech and the direction he wants to take Twitter.

Musk described his political views as moderate. He was a lifelong Democrat and recently voted for Texas representative-elect Mayra Flores, the first Mexican-born congresswoman. Twitter employees, also called tweeps, lambasted Musk for his “moderate position,” making sarcastic comments about his support for Flores and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

“Ron DeSantis is a moderate??? IM SORRY WHAT WORLD AM I LIVING IN?”

“A good moderate candidate who believes in qanon,” another tweep wrote talking about Flores.

“Ron DeSantis, leader of DON’T SAY GAY BILL, is the worst possible person to lead this country and he is someone you openly endorsed,” a tweep wrote pedaling the mainstream lie that Florida’s education bill, HB 1557, is against gay people.

The lie was also pedaled by Disney, resulting in the revocation of their special tax privileges.

Every word Musk uttered was hung onto for dear life. Musk reiterated his “free speech absolutism,” saying that everyone should be allowed to say what they want on the platform, except that which is illegal. He said that the mainstream media outlets are often negative and do not get it right.

“I think it’s essential to have free speech,” he said, adding that multiple opinions were important so that the platform itself is not “driving a narrative.”

“What about content that entertains a group, offends/harasses another group, and it’s legal. (hate speech),” a tweep wrote. Another asked whether Musk believes Twitter should stop “combatting misinformation” because it is technically free speech.

Musk was also charged with “homophobia” and “transphobia,” which is not surprising considering everything is homophobic and transphobic these days.