Two Officers, First Responder Killed In Shooting

To any observer of the state of domestic political affairs in the United States over the last several years, things have been far from tranquil. Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in early 2020 and the murder of George Floyd happened that summer, American cities have been in turmoil. At the height of that summer, thousands of violent riots occurred in places like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere. Prominent Democratic politicians at municipal, state, and federal levels of government called for the “defunding” of police and openly promoted criminal “reform” policies that weakened penalties on low level crimes. These “reforms” were implemented in cities across America, and the results have been unsurprising; crime levels increased, especially amongst violent crimes, and criminals have often been let off the hook.

In New York City, things have begun to seriously deteriorate. Mayor Eric Adams, continuing the messaging that his unpopular predecessor Bill DeBlasio promoted, made New York City a “sanctuary” city, and welcomed in thousands of illegal migrants from the southern border. Only in recent days, after months and months of housing these people on the expense of taxpayers in city hotels and shelters, has Adams changed his tune. As the quality of life in his metropolis continues to unravel, more horrific incidents from the big apple are sure to be common in the immediate future. Sadly, the vast majority of New York residents who vote for Democratic progressives that implement these insane policies are actually not natives of the city.

In another harrowing recent development, two police officers and one paramedic from the state of Minnesota were killed during a response to a domestic occurrence. In February, in Burnsville, Minnesota the incident occurred, and the three individuals were fatally shot. Several children were inside the home when a gunman opened fire. A SWAT vehicle was also sighted with multiple bullet holes. The state of domestic life within America is poor.