Two Papers Turn On Joe Biden In A Matter Of Days

Biden’s age and cognitive impairment are now too obvious to be ignored, even by centrist and progressive media outlets.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are giants in their respective fields, and the opinions they express are still taken seriously by many moderates and those on the political left.

The editorial boards of both publications have, in recent days, made the president’s least favorite critique of President Joe Biden. 

Biden is far too old to be the POTUS.

Historian David Pietrusza suggests that concealment around the president’s condition is more common than most people realize. The author gave the instances of Woodrow Wilson’s pre-Presidential stroke and impaired eyesight and Grover Cleveland’s secret medical procedures for cancer.

According to Pietrusza,  Franklin Roosevelt’s disability was suppressed to an enormous extent.  

The opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal written last Friday was scathing.  

It said that Biden seemingly refuses to recognize that choosing an octogenarian in evident deterioration might be a historic blunder, and the public knows this.

It’s hazardous and perhaps self-serving to lobby for a man’s election who is already 80, and his second term will end when he’s 86. The White House conceals  Biden’s true mental and physical health, but his deterioration is obvious to everyone.

The New York Times editorial was somewhat more nuanced.
It stated that candidates shouldn’t act as if their age isn’t a factor in the election, as  Biden frequently does. Even his supporters, like political consultant David Axelrod, have expressed worries that Biden is an electoral liability.  Biden is now 80 years old and the oldest American to serve as president.

Conservatives who pointed out the president’s mental deterioration were labeled as conspiracy theorists, but the same argument is now being made by two of the nation’s top far-left news outlets.  But it seems we have found something on which we can all agree.

Joe Biden is deteriorating mentally and is much too old to be President.