U.S.Government Says There’s No Evidence It Sabotaged Oil Pipeline

(NewsGlobal.com)- Ditzy Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin confirmed that the U.S. was not to blame for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion. How does she know? The Pentagon told her.

According to Griffin, her shallow reporting has solved the case, despite rumors that the US may have been responsible for the explosions that might have destroyed the pipes.

Griffin wrote on Twitter that there was no proof or suggestion the US was engaged in any way with the Nordstream 2 pipeline explosions. During a Pentagon briefing, the Fox News reporter asked a military official if he could rule out the possibility that the US was involved in the assault on the pipeline. The senior military official said the US was not involved, and the matter was resolved for Griffin.

On social media, Conservative author Chris Menahan pointed out that the Fox News correspondent has a history of blatantly spreading false information from authorities.

Reports show Griffin published the refuted fake claim that Russia attacked the Babi Yair Holocaust Memorial in Ukraine earlier this year. An Israeli journalist visited the location and saw it to be undamaged.
Griffin repeated the fallacy that Russia was “evaporating” war dead using mobile crematoriums, even though the purported footage supporting this claim was from a 2013 YouTube video.
When information about US Biolabs in Ukraine surfaced, Griffin repeated Pentagon talking points and dismissed the topic as a non-story.
According to reports, Griffin recently received a new multiyear contract, for which she expressed her gratitude by saying that it had been an honor to provide viewers with trusted reporting from the Pentagon and across the world on issues that are paramount to us all.
Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement following the announcement of the deal that Jennifer Griffin was one of the industry’s premier journalists and has proven to be an indispensable asset with unmatched experience spanning more than three decades in war zones.
Trusted reporting? More like a Pentagon Parrot.