U.S. Parts Found In “Chinese” Balloon

(NewsGlobal.com)- The spy balloon sent by China that flew across the majority of the U.S. recently did a “lot of damage” to America since it was able to fly over some very sensitive missile sites in the country, Representative Michael McCaul said over the weekend.

What’s more, when investigators recovered the balloon after it was shot down and started look at it, they found that the payload it was carrying contained some parts that were made in America.

As McCaul, a Republican from Texas, said while appearing on the “Face the Nation” program on CBS:

“Shockingly, when the balloon was recovered, it had American-made component parts in there with English on that. Parts [were] made in America that were put on a spy balloon from China. I don’t think the American people accept that.”

McCaul is a prominent congressman, since he’s the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House. He said on the CBS program that one of the main priorities he has now is to put a halt to American companies exporting technology to China, since it just ends up being found in some advanced weapons systems.

He said in this case, the technology was found as part of “a sophisticated spy balloon that went across three nuclear sites, I think it’s important to say, in plain view of the American people.”

According to McCaul, the balloon traveled over a Montana nuclear weapons facility. It also flew over the Strategic Command located in Omaha, Nebraska, “which is our most sensitive nuclear site. It was so sensitive that President [George W.] Bush was taken there after 9/11.”

In Missouri, the balloon was able to fly over a site that all of the B-2 bombers in the U.S. are stored. As McCaul explained:

“Going over those sites, in my judgment, would cause great damage. Remember, a balloon could see a lot more on the ground than a satellite.”

While China has said that the balloon was a weather balloon that simply drifted off course, no one really believes that line. McCaul said that the trek that the balloon took proves that it was sent intentionally by the Chinese to try to collect information.

He explained he believes this “because they’re looking at what is our capability in the event of a possible future conflict in Taiwan.” He continued:

“I find it extraordinary the timing of this flight as well, you know, right before the State of the Union speech, and also right before Secretary [Antony] Blinken was scheduled to meet with Chairman Xi [Jinping]. I think it was very much an act of belligerence on their part and perhaps they don’t care what the American people think about that.”

McCaul also discussed the Ukraine Fatigue Resolution, which would end U.S. funding going to Ukraine and that’s backed by 10 GOP members of the House. He said he’d like to see the U.S. continue to help the country “so they can win this [war with Russia] faster.”