U.S. Troops Offered A Onesie That Doesn’t Untuck

(NewsGlobal.com)- A California-based apparel company owned by an Air Force veteran has started marketing a onesie that can be worn under the Army’s combat uniform instead of the standard T-shirt.

Haley Marie McClain Hill’s apparel company Torch is selling a coyote brown onesie to be worn under the Operational Camouflage Pattern even though the Army has not approved it.

The onesie has been praised by Genessa Schilz who posts for an unofficial Air Force Facebook page. The selling point of the onesie is it eliminates the need to tuck in a T-shirt.

Torch owner McClain Hill describes the onesie as a “gorgeous, comfortable, modern” bodysuit for women in uniform.

A single onesie costs $60 which is insane.

Who wants to spend $60 for an undergarment that the Army hasn’t approved? Especially when you consider that a onesie is pretty inconvenient when nature calls.

The point of a uniform is for service members to be, well, uniform. But McClain Hill markets her clothing as a “signature style.”

Then again, the Army altered some uniform requirements last year permitting women to wear lipstick, earrings, and nail polish. Additionally, hairstyle rules were loosened to allow women to wear their hair more naturally.

So who knows? Maybe soon, as a way to make the Army more “inclusive” the Pentagon will allow for $60 onesies to be worn under the Operation Camouflage Pattern to give women some of that “signature style.”

We’re going to lose the next major war.

But at least when they’re surrendering to Chinese troops, the ladies in the Army won’t have to worry about their undershirts untucking.