Uber Passenger Slain In Unexpected Targeted Killing

A man died in a Tennessee hospital following a shooting on Interstate 65 involving an Uber rideshare car. The passenger was shot by a person in another vehicle on the highway and was taken to hospital by the Uber driver. The victim been identified as 26-year-old Stephen Rouse III – he died later that evening at the TriStar Skyline Medical Center outside Nashville.

Detectives said the Uber picked Rouse up at Citi Trends in the 2000 block of Clarksville Pike, and they set out for Madison. The driver, who has not been named, told officers that he noticed a white Nissan Maxima parked at Citi Trends, and when he departed, the driver of the Maxima followed. The white car continued to pursue the Uber onto Rosa Parks Boulevard and then onto the I-65. The Maxima’s driver then pulled up next to the Uber, and a shot was fired into its back seat, hitting Mr. Rouse.

Homicide detective Phil Klarer is leading the investigation into the killing and said he believes Rouse was targeted and he is therefore looking into the details of his life. Mr. Klarer told reporters that the white Maxima split off the I-65 after the shooting and joined the I-24 West. A $5000 reward is offered for any information on the incident or the whereabouts of the White Maxima.

The rate of highway shootings is rapidly increasing, and experts say it is extremely difficult to apprehend offenders. In California, one of the few states where data on the crime has been analyzed, the number of shootings on highways jumped from 210 in 2019 to almost 500 in 2021. In Illinois, the figures were three times higher in 2021 than in 2019.

Statistics from both states show that offender arrest rates are in single digits. In the Golden State, only 8% of offenders between 2019 and 2021 were arrested, and that number is even lower in Illinois at just 5%.