UK Rugby Star Tased, Charged With ‘Assaulting Police’ in Majorca Bar

An altercation in a Majorca bar led to the arrest and subsequent charges of disobeying and ÔÇťassaulting a police officer.” As a result, England rugby player Billy Vunipola was sentenced to four months of suspended jail.

At 3:30 on Sunday morning, in response to reports from security personnel, police stormed the Epic pub in Palma, the capital of the island, and tased the 31-year-old twice. The athlete, who was born in Australia to Tongan parents and brought to the UK as a young boy, allegedly removed his shirt and brandished bottles and chairs as threats against customers and personnel, according to local sources.

Vunipola was restrained, drugged, and shackled to a bed at the adjacent Son Espases Hospital after the ordeal. Several police officers and security guards were required to keep an eye on him until the sedatives started to work.

Sunday saw Vunipola brought before the court in the same blue T-shirt and beige shorts he wore when he was detained. He claimed at no point did he threaten anybody or engage in violent behavior.

An ‘instant trial’ resulted in his 240 euro penalties for defying the law. His inquiry by the Spanish police has concluded, and he is returning to the UK today via plane.

According to a spokesperson for the Majorca National Police, the incident started when a guy started fighting with other patrons at a beachside bar in Palma. After receiving the call, the police officers promptly vacated the area. After that, the guy tried to attack the cops when they arrived. No matter how many times the police officers attempted to calm him down, he just wouldn’t listen.

The second taser hit its mark, and the cops pounced, shackling him to render him motionless until they could examine and apprehend him at the Son Espases hospital. He appeared in court yesterday afternoon and was granted bail while the investigation continues.

This morning, the bar that tased Vunipola was already closed.

After moving to the United Kingdom, Vunipola split his time between Wales and the southwest of England.

At eighteen, he made his senior debut for Wasps Academy after winning a scholarship at the famous Harrow School. He has accumulated approximately 80 caps since then.