UK Tourist Causes Panic in Turkey After Spreading Friend’s Ashes in Ocean

The act of British visitors walking into the ocean to spread the ashes of a departed relative caused an upset among beachgoers and provoked a health warning in Turkey.

In response to criticism from worried residents over Monday’s event, health officials in Marmaris, on the Aegean Coast, started an urgent investigation and collected water samples.

The area District Health Directorate responded quickly when swimmers expressed concern that the ash floating in the waters of the popular beaches may pose a health risk.

The visitors set out with the intention of paying a heartfelt homage by scattering cremated remains at Uzunyal─▒ Beach, a beloved location for a deceased family member.

There are regulations in place to prevent the importation of cremated remains, and the practice of cremation is not authorized in Turkey.

Ash in the water does not constitute an immediate threat to human health, and the water tests that the local authorities had already been scheduled had nothing to do with the ashes.

British forum members have detailed the lengthy procedure of navigating British and Turkish bureaucracy to obtain authorization to arrange a farewell.

It reportedly took Robin almost two years to secure the necessary permits to disperse his wife’s ashes, according to a post on the Sue Ryder grief support charity website. According to him, his wife’s passion for Turkey began on their first trip there forty years ago.

He was able to do the final thing he could for her, and now that they’ve organized the voyage and finished the task, they’re at ease mentally.

There are also limitations on what individuals can do with human ashes when they arrive in Turkey, even though some airlines do let passengers bring them in carry-on baggage.  Turkey does not permit cremation and does not have any cremation facilities inside the country.