Ukraine Circus Turns Disastrous as Child Acrobats Fall During Aerial Act

Just days after a performing bear viciously attacked its handler, two young acrobats at a Ukrainian circus fell 12 feet during an aerial show, making it a double tragedy.

A terrified crowd of kids and their parents watched as a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl plummeted onto the stage.

During an act at the Zaporizhzhia municipal circus, the boy “lost his grip,” and both of them plummeted without a safety net.

The horrifying film showed the two kids dangling from a heavy rope in a circling motion around the stage, with the girl holding onto the boy’s leg.

Nearing the end of their routine, the boy abruptly let go of the rope, sending the two plummeting to the hard floor and what seemed like a collision with the stage’s edge.

Both young performers were left flat on their backs as the video ended. The impact that sent them bouncing.

The girl sustained a concussion, and the kid shattered his legs in the fall. Both youngsters are now being monitored at a hospital. As a precaution, they are in the critical care unit. Internal organs are unharmed.

A criminal investigation into the terrifying fall has been initiated to determine whether there were violations of health and safety regulations.

Not long ago, a brown bear performing at the same circus in Zaporizhzhia city unexpectedly attacked a trainer in front of onlookers.

Just as the trainer was about to give the bear a “treat,” the animal suddenly turned on him. While the trainer struggled to subdue the beast, the bear ripped the man’s clothing to shreds with its sharp claws. As it got back on its four legs, the bear trembled violently and jerked its head in anger. The trainer tried to calm it down by tugging on a rope linked to its nose.

No one was severely harmed.

Many nations formerly part of the Soviet Union, such as Russia and Ukraine, still use animals, including bears, in their circus performances.

The city of Zaporizhzhia is the capital of the region of the same name. However, due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion, part of the area is under Ukrainian sovereignty, and part is under Russian authority.