Unrecorded Hospital Deaths Rock China

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to The Epoch Times, there have been many unreported deaths coming out of medical facilities in Shanghai, despite China’s claim that there have been Zero COVID deaths in the recent surge.

Shanghai has been under a complete lockdown as part of China’s “Zero COVID” policy. While the causes of these deaths may differ, the lack of transparency from city and hospital officials has become frustrating for Shanghai residents already struggling to survive under the draconian lockdown orders.

China’s COVID count has been surging nationwide at a pace not seen since Beijing claimed the outbreak in Wuhan was under control. Last Wednesday, the total case count exceeded 20,000, doubling the case count from the day before. Shanghai has been identified as the primary cause of the spike.

However, residents and some experts have argued that officials routinely underreport case numbers. Since May 2020, China claims it has only had five COVID deaths, and zero deaths have been officially reported in Shanghai or anywhere in China during this current wave.

But accounts on the ground paint a different picture.

Shanghai residents report COVID deaths among the elderly and dead bodies being left outside of hospitals.

One Shanghai resident, whose grandmother died in the Shanghai Donghai Elderly Care Hospital a week after testing positive for COVID, blasted the Zero COVID claim from the regime, saying someone is lying.

While the Epoch Times was unable to independently verify the reports of undisclosed hospital deaths, other reports from investigative journalists in China and the West have corroborated the claims.

An area funeral home confirmed that it had received about a dozen dead from Donghai hospital on April 1 with some of the dead going to other funeral homes as well.

The Wall Street Journal reported that employees from the Elder Care Hospital witnessed the dead being removed after at least one hundred patients became infected.

One woman who spoke with The Epoch Times said in late March, she began seeing people in hazmat suits in the background during video calls with her 95-year-old grandmother. Her grandmother tested positive for COVID a few days later. Another 30 patients also tested positive by April 1.