US Builds $320M Pier, Will it Succeed in Bringing Aid to Gaza?

The massive metal pier, which the U.S. military has finished building, is set to be driven into a northern Gaza beach in the following days, according to authorities.

In an effort to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian supplies into Gaza, where Israel is still engaged in a war with the terrorist group Hamas, the Biden administration has embarked on a two-month-long, $320 million gamble. The first stage in this endeavor is the completion of the enormous makeshift structure, which is about 1,500 feet long, or five football fields.

As President Biden and the Pentagon prepare to build the new floating pier and causeway, relief delivery teams confront unknown perils and uncertainties as they try to circumvent the obstacles of delivering assistance into Gaza via the Rafah border.

With the land crossings at Rafah drawing closer, the government is attempting to establish the extra maritime channel as the fighting between Israel and Hamas intensifies.

According to Scott Paul, an assistant director of the Oxfam humanitarian organization, the maritime route is a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist because all the necessary assistance could be arrived at via land crossings.

Paul said that the Israeli authorities determine the quantity of help that may be sent to Gaza. Israel is actively working to eradicate Hamas from Palestinian land, and some authorities are worried that the assistance may end up in their hands.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign policy advisor, Ophir Falk, said on Tuesday that Israel would keep facilitating the entry of hundreds of relief trucks into Gaza.

By bombing and hijacking convoys, Falk said, Hamas was preventing supplies from reaching those in need.

Tuesday, the Israeli military issued a statement reiterating its commitment to distributing supplies to Gaza in accordance with international law. Additionally, it has previously been said that help is unlimited.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, promised Biden that additional help would be let in and that those workers would be protected.