US-China Relations Near Breaking Point

Over the last several years, tensions have worsened in the realm of diplomatic international relations. Since the presidential election of 2020 and the victory of Joe Biden over the incumbent president Donald Trump at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, things have truly turned for the worse in many regards for the United States. Rampant inflation reached levels not seen in decades (over 40 years since the 1970s) in late 2022 and continues to be a factor for many working class Americans. The cost of basic necessities like groceries and household items has risen sharply, and average working class families are struggling to make ends meet. Home ownership is now more difficult than ever before- as interest rates have risen sharply and home prices have skyrocketed since 2019. It is estimated that in nearly the entirety of the country, home ownership is nearly impossible for Americans making near the median household income of around $70,000 annually.

It is no secret that many Americans do not have any faith in their government or believe in the “prosperity” that their country has delivered throughout its history. Nearly half of Americans now say that the American Dream is dead or dying, and many also say it never existed. Truthfully, the average outlook for some individuals in terms of the trajectory of the nation is quite poor. In the middle east, Hamas battled with Israel after they invaded the nation and began an armed conflict in October of 2023. Russia invaded Ukraine, and hundreds  of thousands of people have perished since the beginning of that European conflict in early 2022.

Internationally, China appears to be the rising dominant power. Many of the issues the nation faces has to do with Taiwan, an island country that claims to be independent (China claims ownership). In a recent election, Lai Ching-Te won the nation’s presidential office, and has promised to oppose communist China and promote independence.