Video Around Biden’s Alleged Cognitive Decline Go Viral Online

According to reports, the White House has become hysterical over the media covering video footage that depicts President Joe Biden suffering from cognitive impairment.

According to an article from an activist left-wing news organization, the president’s apparent cognitive impairment was the result of alleged editing or misrepresentation.

The news organization chose to ignore the president’s history of embarrassing gaffes and forgetfulness for months.

The White House expressed its frustration with what it calls “cheap fake” journalism. The statement claims that certain conservative media are failing in their commitment to journalistic standards. They alleged that in recent weeks, Republican lawmakers and conservative publications have increasingly used the practice of deceptive editing and sharing videos especially to highlight problems relating to Biden’s age. 

One video that seemed to show Biden ‘freeze’ on stage at a Hollywood fundraiser stressed out both the White House and the far-left media. Another clip of Biden in Italy was also met with accusations.  Social media influencers made fun of Biden, joking that he pooped his pants and stood like a toddler would while it was happening.  Biden was reportedly searching for a chair to sit on but was too far in front of it. Everyone else remained standing, and despite her worried expression, the First Lady offered no help.

Perhaps Biden would have avoided the embarrassment if he had just turned around and judged his distance to the seat.

With those instances in mind, it is puzzling that neither the lapdog media nor the White House is able to address the many instances where Biden was confused or made completely erroneous claims that were unrelated to reality.

For instance, Biden asserted he was “vice president” during the pandemic, and there was also the fact that Special Counsel Robert Hur indicated in a report that Biden forgot when his son Beau passed away.

At a June 15th celebrity-studded fundraiser, President Joe Biden seemed to stare out into space onstage and had to be escorted by former President Barack Obama.

Obama noticed Biden’s behavior and had to walk back to him. He reached for Biden’s wrist to turn him around and lead him backstage while patting him on the back.

A recent survey by ABC News and Ipsos found that the majority of Americans think Joe Biden is too elderly to run for reelection.